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  • Make theological, philosophical and religious studies easily accessible to the general public 
  • Impart these studies with a harmonious synthesis of the Indian, Eastern, and Western genius 
  • promote mature Christian leadership among the laity through intellectual and faith formation 
  • help people of other faiths to know Christianity and its basic world view
Salient Features
  • Choice of various disciplines: (1) Philosophy, (2) Theology, (3) Canon Law, (4) Spiritual Theology, (5) Counselling Psychology, (6) Biblical Studies, (7) Formative Spirituality 
  • Major part of the study can be undertaken through Correspondenceand the rest through contact classes and practical sessions. 
  • The contact classes are for ten days, which will be held every year in  
    the second half of the month of May. 
Target Groups
  • All seekers of knowledge, especially, catechism teachers, students, youth, professionals, employers, teachers, preachers, lay ministers, etc.
Eligibility and Admission
  • Degree from a recognised College/University 
  • Applicant should be of age less than 65.
  • You may register for the course at any time during the academic year. Being a Distance Education Programme, we admit students through out the academic year.
  • This is a one year programme. Students are supposed to complete the requirements of the programme within one year from the date of admission. Anyone who needs an extension of duration should get due permission from the Course Director.
  • Send in application form and upon receiving notification of acceptance from the office of DADE, register by submitting the payment by Demand Draft.
  • It is advised that applicants contact us through email or phone before sending the application form.
Fee Structure
  • Fee for any PG Diploma Course including the course materials = Rs. 6600/- ($ 400 for foreign students) 
  • Merit scholarships are available for deserving students. 
  • Total amount is to be remitted to DVK office by Demand Draft at the time of registration. The Demand Draft is to be drawn in favour of “Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore.” 
  • Free accommodation will be provided during the time of contact classes.
Structure of the Courses
  •  Each year a set of subjects for 40 credits will be chosen from among  subjects prescribed for each PG Diploma Programme.
  •  Upon registration, the student will be provided with course materials  for the first part and after the successful completion of the assignments  of this part, the course materials for the rest will be given.  
  • Apart from the assignments, at the completion of courses the student  will submit a research paper on a relevant theme, approved by the  coordinator of the concerned course. 
  • The theme of the research paper shall be selected during contact  class. The length of the research paper shall be between 10,000 and  15,000 words. 
  • Instruction in the methodology of research writing will be offered  at the time of contact classes.
Evaluation Methods and Awarding of Marks
  •  Each of the courses in a discipline will have the following pattern of  evaluation: 1) Written Assignment/Case Study = 55% (600) 2) Attending Contact Classes = 18% (200) 3) Objective Type Examination and Viva = 18% (200)  4) Research Paper = 9% (100) 
  • Online/electronic submission of the written assignments is encouraged. 
  • Printed or hand-written assignments can also be submitted.
Awarding of Post Graduate Diploma
  • P G Diploma will be issued from DVK on the successful completion of the course with 50% aggregate marks. 
  • Passing grade for each individual subjects will be 40%. 
  • Upon request and payment of the required fees, Certificate will be sent by post to successful candidates.
For Enquires and Admission
Dr. Benny Tharakunnel, CMI 
Director, DADE 
Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram 
Dharmaram College P.O. 
Bangalore - 560029, India 
Tel: 080-41116190, 41116333, 9480732249; Fax: 080-41116000 
Email: dadebangalore@gmail.com, office@dade.in
Latest News


44th Convocation Day was held at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram on 24 February 2021. 


New Academic Year has Begun in online Mode due to the restrictions of Covid -19. We had Solemn Holy Mass at the Dharmaram Chapel, which was followed by the inaugural address by Fr Kurian Kachappilly CMI, President DVK. The live program was broadcasted.