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PG Diploma in Spiritual Theology

  • Each year a set of subjects for 37 credits will be chosen from among  subjects prescribed for each PG Diploma Programme. 
  • Upon registration, the student will be provided with course materials  
    for the first part and after the successful completion of the assignments  
    of this part, the course materials for the rest will be given.  
  • Apart from the assignments, at the completion of courses the student  
    will submit a research paper on a relevant theme, approved by the  
    coordinator of the concerned course. 
  • •The theme of the research paper shall be selected during contact  
    class. The length of the research paper shall be between 10,000 and  
    15,000 words.
  • • Each of the courses in a discipline will have the following pattern of  
    1) Written Assignment/Case Study = 55% (600) 
    2) Attending Contact Classes = 18% (200) 
    3) Objective Type Examination and Viva = 18% (200)  
    4) Research Paper = 9% (100) 
  • Online/electronic submission of the written assignments is encouraged. 
    Printed or hand-written assignments can also be submitted. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Theology 
  • Understanding Theology Today 
  •  Fundamentals of Biblical Studies 
  •  Foundations of Christian Spirituality 
  •  Theology of Spiritual Life 
  •  The Art of Spiritual Direction 
  •  Nature & Challenges of Discipleship in the Gospels 
  •  Transforming Experience of Prayer in the Bible 
  •  Fathers of the Church
  •  Eastern Christian Spirituality 
  •  Discernment of the Spirit 
  •  Monasticism 
  •  Ashram Spirituality 
  •  Biblical Spirituality 
  •  Spiritual Traditions in the Church 
  •  Mysticism
  •  Mysteries of the Church 
  •  Research Methodology 
  •  Spiritual Traditions in the Church 
  •  Religion and Literature                                                                                                           
Latest News
Rev. Dr. Saju Chackalackal CMI, Dean, Faculty of Philosophy is elected as the General Councillor of CMI Congregation. Congratulation and Prayerful Best wishes to Rev. Dr. Saju.
New Academic Year has Begun. We had Solemn Holy Mass at the Dharmaram Chapel, which was followed by the inaugural function at DVK. This year DVK is blessed with 874 students in various courses. 
First Monday Extension Lecture was given by Dr. Thomas Kollamparambil CMI on the Mercy of God in relation with the Jubilee of Mercy.