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Mon super titre

Ishabhakti Param Jnanam 
(Devotion to the Lord is the supreme wisdom)
Contact classes for this Academic year  is from 12 May to 21 May 2022

Welcome to DADE

Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK) is a Pontifical Athenaeum for higher learning and formation, established by the Congregation for Catholic Education, Vatican, as an independent institute, empowered to grant degrees, including Licentiate and Doctorate in Philosophy and Theology, Licentiate in Oriental Canon Law and Master's in Formative Spirituality and Counselling. To get a detailed description about DVK: www.dvk.in
DVK is a Registered Society under the Karnataka Societies of Registration Act 1960 (Karnataka Act. No. 17 of 1960) as S. No. 13/84-85 of Bangalore City Corporation.
DVK has launched Dharmaram Academy for Distance Education (DADE) coinciding with the Golden Jubilee of Dharmaram and with the following objectives: to make theological, philosophical and religious studies easily accessible to the general public; to impart these studies with a harmonious synthesis of the Indian, Eastern, and Western genius; to promote mature Christian leadership among the laity through intellectual and faith formation; and to help people of other faiths to know Christianity and its basic world view.
Target Group
All seekers of knowledge, especially, catechism teachers, students, youth, professionals, employers, preachers, lay ministers, religious sisters etc.
Courses Offered 

DADE offers PG Diploma courses in the following disciplines: 
(1) Theology 
(2) Counselling Psychology  
(3) Spiritual Theology 
(4) Biblical Studies 
(5) Philosophy 
(6) Formative Spirituality 
(7) Canon Law